Friday, December 31, 2010

The new Cool, Welcome to the 21st Century

I've already begun to downsize my "stuff."  I've managed to eject several things that have been simply occupying space in my universe by passing them on to someone who will appreciate them more and possibly use them.  I didn't use these things that have left my grasp but I did appreciate them.  That's why I didn't simply throw them away.  Admittedly, simply disposing of things may have an adverse affect on our environment so the second part of my two pronged attack on consumerism is to want less; to buy less, and to appreciate and use the things that I do purchase.  Here is a great article from Ecominima that I found about facing the New Minimalist Century.

All of my new interest in being happy with less is not really new for me.  I have always been willing to exist with less.  I've just been unable to resist the allure of the consumer mentality that has been foisted upon us by the manufacturer's of our society.  You see it every day in all of our advertising that creates an artificial level of dissatisfaction in our lives.  But I'm paraphrasing and you can get this information from someone much more eloquent as well as more qualified than me by clicking on the link to the right for "The Story of Stuff."  It's a great video but it is not what I would call short.  It is very well produced and explains the cycle of consumerism that we have been raised to believe defines us as individuals and how we are trapped by our stuff.

Well, I'm bustin' out.  Who's with me!?  Who wants to be radical and NOT do what we're told?!!!  I refused to be cajoled and railroaded into a planned rat race of trying to keep up with what someone else thinks is best for my life.  I have already begun to reduce, reuse, and recycle my stuff.  Would you care to join the Minimalist Movement as we step into the 21st Century together?  It's the new COOL and it's up to you.  "They" can't stop you and you can take control of your life and your destiny...

Hey, thanks for stopping by.  It's gonna be a great year: 2011!  Let's get out there and make this a great day!

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