Thursday, December 30, 2010

Marksbury Farm Market now open

I believe in shopping locally when I can.  I figure if'n I have to give my hard earned money to somebody, I'd just as soon give it to somebody I know, or someone locally instead of giving it to someone I don't know.  I am excited to promote the new Marksbury Farm Market that is now open on KY Highway 27 South of Rocky Top in Garrard County.  I grabbed this picture from their Facebook photo gallery.  The Advocate Messenger newspaper did a pretty good story on them a little while ago and that story has been bouncing around inside my head trying to get out since I read it.  You can find them just off the road behind Camp Dick Elementary: they're address is 73 Fisher Ford Road, Processing Facility at 7907 Nicholasville Road
LancasterKY, 40444.
I like this idea for all the reasons that Farmer's Markets are great but support the local economy is tops on my list.  Some of these people may be my friends and neighbors so I'm all about helping them succeed.  Also, buying foods that are locally produced means I get the best quality for my family and getting the best for my family has always been a primary objective for me.  I've also posted a real good article about eating locally produced foods on my Facebook page that I found posted by Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life blog.

Now, I have to admit that I have not been into the market yet.  But I intend to begin to shop there once I figure out how to get to the property and what types of foods that I can replace from my normal marketing list.  And this relates in a sort of parallel way to my post from yesterday about homegrown prosperity.  I just love the synergy of all this type of stuff.

Hey, that's about it for today.  Hope y'all are planning to be safe as part of your New Year's celebration.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!

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