Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I feel like I should apologize for being absent for a few days.  I have really enjoyed the time spent with family but I am amazed how many of my fellow bloggers have unplugged themselves from their blogs and simply laid off.  I guess it shouldn't really surprise me but I am surprised.  It would seem that many find it appropriate to take some time off during the holidays and concentrate on family and friends so I don't feel so bad about not being here.

Hey, maybe y'all have been unplugged also, so we really didn't miss each other all that much.  Maybe everyone just focused on the important things like family and just let the Internet go to hell on it's own.  I doubt that...most probably it's just me and my inexperience as a blogger.  Most everyone else already knew that the blog traffic would be down anyway so they just used the slow spot for fun times at home.

Pretty cool in any case.  I'm glad to be back and looking forward in anxious anticipation of the new year and the ever changing landscape of Tiny Houses.

Speaking of Tiny Houses, I spent some time with a good friend, Tim, to find out that I am not restricted by the 120 square foot building restriction that constrains most enthusiasts of the Tiny House Movement.  Tim would know because he is one of the building inspectors here in Central Kentucky.  I availed myself of his handbooks and manuals and stuff to review the local as well as national building codes to make this determination.  We spent the best part of an hour discussing the nuances of the code to determine what restrictions apply when building on my own land and how I can proceed with our plans while maintaining a quality building that adheres to code.  I am pretty excited about this news.  This means that Laura and I have some new design questions to discuss.

Hey, I gotta get otta' here.  Thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!

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