Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have been working on reducing my stuff from a monster of a pile to a smaller more manageable heap.  I posted a few things on Craig's List and am not having any luck selling things.  I may end up simply giving things away to actually get rid of them.  That will prove more emotionally difficult but I intend to follow through anyway.  I just want to be owned by less stuff.
So I have been thinking about the things that I own that seem to own me.  Some of those things seem to be things that others have expressed admiration or desire to own for themselves.  I intend to take advantage of these types of opportunities and pass on some of those things that can go to others whom would want them and use them accordingly.

In any case, another thing that I have done to reclaim some of myself is to reduce my online experience/time.  I've figured out how to turn off the automatic notification of incoming email on my smart phone.  This may seem like a little thing but I believe that every great journey starts with the first step.  I've been asking myself if'n I really need to be "that connected" to the Internet and online in such a way that I know if someone sends me an email the instant that a message is delivered.  Probably not.  So, I've turn off the auto-notice feature.  I can still check my email by simply looking at the screen of my phone but I won't be harassed into checking my mail when I'm involved.  I view this be to like answering a cell phone call during a meeting or while on a date; considered pretty much poor form or bad manners.

This is my first step towards unplugging.  What I mean is that I have this expensive smart phone that costs me a lot of money in connection fees etc.  I have been questioning if I really need that at all or if I could get by with a simple cell phone and a inexpensive phone service.   Don't get me wrong.  I love my phone and all the neat tricks that it can perform but do I really need to spend so much money on something that is at best a convenience.  I'm not ready to cut THAT cord yet, but I analyzing the circumstances.

Hey, I gotta get outta here.  Thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!  And hug someone special and tell them you love them.  Cause that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown!

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Galloping Grannie said...

You left a post on my blog so I thought I would come to see what you are doing.

We are moving from a 2500 sf double wide to a 600 sf cabin. There is a lot of stuff I am trying to get rid of. I created a page on my blog to post said items but it sure is hard to get the traffic to that page.

I have tried CL but I get the no shows. If you find a better way to get rid of excess items please send me info. I just hate to see this stuff go to the landfill.