Thursday, December 9, 2010

living small is enticing

Well, I've searched all of the blogs that I've been reading lately to find that most of my fellow bloggers seem to be distracted or are not posting much new news.  So, I've broken out of my comfort zone to research some new areas of interest to discover Ms. Francine Jay.  A.K.A. Miss Minimalist and her blog.  I confess that I have been fascinated by the general topic of living simply for a long time and have been intrigued by uncluttered space as well as the minimalist mindset.

Miss M seems to have been blogging in this subject area for a very long time and presents a very interesting position as a "professional" minimalist since she has researched living small as well as written about living a frugal lifestyle in her book "Frugillionaire:  500 Useful Ways to Live Richly and Save a Fortune" available from  Francine has a second book titled The Joy of Less named by Amazon as one of the best books of 2010.  I really like the way Miss M writes and believe I would enjoy reading her books.  I intend to investigate setting up my Kindle account on Amazon to purchase these books.

People who know me would attest to the strange ways that I have decorated spaces in which I have lived.  I'm drawn to simpler configurations and placing the limited furniture that I've employed into a room at unusual angles to create traffic patterns through a room and enhance the "movement" through a room.  I really don't care for clutter and really enjoy clean clear corners and living with less.  This runs contrary to the way most of us have been raised.  This contradiction is one of the points that Miss M elaborates on in her personal profile on her blog.  Francine has been reducing her stuff for a long time and is currently living within the confines of a self imposed experiment of living with less than 100 things.  This seems very enchanting as well as an extreme challenge.  I believe that this is more of a challenge for a guy.  I feel like I like to create things and build stuff and that requires tools.  To paint, I need brushes and paints, to draw requires fewer things-simply a tool for inscribing and a medium upon which to capture an image, and to build a Tiny House, I would need the minimal hand tools and maybe a power saw or some such advantage for construction.  Each of these tasks, as a creator, requires more than what may be included in my list of 100 things if'n I was intending to live within the 100 things challenge parameters.  I'm not sure I could do it.  But the idea is incredibly attractive to me.  Most people would think this ideal is simply another crazy concept.  But hey, that's just how I roll, or role in this case.  Another good place to visit to get some information about our consumer mentality can be found at The Story of Stuff.  This story about our stuff will blow your mind.

You see, this blog is just the wild incongruous ramblings of a disturbed individual on a crazy journey through life.  And, well, I just gotta make it interesting and fun, if I can.  Thanks for stopping by.  Give Miss M's stuff a read and maybe think about how you can reduce your consumerism personality, if only a little.  It could be you doing your part to save the world.  Huh...let's get out there and make it a great day!

P.S.  I've just downloaded two of Miss M's books to my Android Nexus One Kindle.  Hooah!

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