Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It has started snowing!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later and actually I am glad that it waited until December 1st.  Now I can officially join in the coming holiday festivities with gusto!  I just can't get into the spirit of Christmas before Thanksgiving and I actively resent Christmas Carols and decorations before then.  It just seems wrong somehow.  Maybe because it feels like you're insulting the memory and intention of Thanksgiving.  Call me crazy, lots of people do so you'd be in good company, but I just gotta wait until after Thanksgiving before I can feel Christmasy.

The arrival of winter weather will put a serious cramp in the plans of many people who don't like the cold or being outside.
 It will only slow down my work if the ground freezes because my next step is to dig footers for the foundation of our Tiny House.  However, I am not ready to begin digging so I'm even less concerned.  I still haven't settled on a design or size of the structure because I am hoping for some advice from my friend Tim who is a county building inspector in a neighboring county.  I know Tim has some valuable advice because he has already built his Tiny House although Tim's house is a somewhat larger house of about 400 square feet not including his loft.  Tim's place is quite impressive because he has lots of experience that I lack.  However, I hope to be using as much of Tim's advice and experience that he is willing to share.

I continue my salvage efforts.  I noticed that my neighbor has just installed two new exterior doors to his residence and I hope to inquire about the old doors that are currently stacked outside behind his garage.  If'n he's gonna "dump" them, I am optimistic about rescuing at least one of those doors for the "Hideaway" Tiny House.  I have been monitoring the local vendor that has been providing much of my building materials in the form of used pallets but I haven't seen many lately.  This is Wednesday and there have been none this week so I'm figuring that statistically, the dam is about to break loose so I'm preparing for another infusion of pallets very soon.

I was reading around the Internet this morning and came across another blog the I'm excited to share with you because another crazy person has actually made the leap into the great unknown of "off grid" living and is sharing some great advice and news.  Chris writes the Urban Rancher's Blog and has been including some great stuff that I'll be reading regularly.  Another interesting and inspiring blog can be found at a blog titled: Dinosaurs and Robots, presenting some very bizarre building ideas under their label of Shackitecture.  The author of Dinosaurs and Robots, Mark Frauenfelder professes to be presenting information of some of  the most unique and rarefied trends in design by not following the herd mentality.  I believe he has achieved his goal quite well and recommend you check it out.  Another fantastic blog being presented by Preston Koerner, founder and editor of Jetson Green, features green products and building ideas.  One of the items he has featured caught my interest because of the nature of the insulation called EnGuard being offered by Vita Nonwovens.

Whew, that's a lot of information for one post.  Well, thanks again for stopping by.  Let's get out there now, and make it a great day!

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