Friday, December 17, 2010

Pretty Excited about the Interstate bicycling system

I was reading on EarthEasy today and found this news bite about an Interstate Bicycling System that is being pursued by enthusiasts of bicycling  and adventure cycling.  Now, before you start to think that I'm a tree-hugger or that I have gone all environmental on you, let me set you straight: I have always thought to do what I could to conserve our natural resources.  There, if that makes be a environmental bunny lover tree-hugger, so be it!  So when I read about this idea of being able to bicycle around the entire country, I freaked!  This could be so very cool!
I checked this out because I have been exercising regularly in an effort to maintain a reasonable condition of health but like most people, I become bored with a regular routine so I am always looking for ways to change things.  So far I have rotated different types of cardio into my workout schedule that include jumping rope, elliptical, and bicycling.  I like riding my bike a lot because the scenery changes and it is much more interactive as well as entertaining so I am much less likely to get bored.  Plus, my son-in-law, Josh has recently taken up bicycling as part of his workout routine and we both look forward to sharing a trip this summer.

Here is a map of the proposed Interstate Bicycling System that is already under construction by many states and being lead by a special task force.  I haven't done enough research about this yet to really feel informed well enough to give you any more specifics, but just looking at this map thrills me because of the potential for adventure.  By this representation, it would be possible to spend an entire vacation traveling by bicycle to see some amazing places.  How cool is THAT!  I love this new-to-me idea of adventure cycling and I look forward to participating.

Plus, the opportunity afforded with this proposal couldn't get any greener.  It has been suggested that an individual could walk as well as bike the trail/system.  You just can't get any greener than walking, if that's your style.  I need a new bike helmet and I'm ready.  I may need to get some panniers for my bike, but my backpack will do for now.  Ohhh, I'm so ready!

Hey, that's all the exciting and wonderful news that I have for you today.  Thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make this a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Josh is going to be OOBER excited when I tell him about this! I hope they don't plan having it right off the shoulders of the road, that might be a little scary. It would be best if they could get the path to run a few hundred feet away, and parallel.