Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pumping ions: gyms generate clean energy from muscle power | Eartheasy Blog

This is too cool to pass up. I found this link while reading on the website blog about creating our own power from exercise machines. Of course, like so many of these interesting ideas, this concept is still in it's infancy and needs some real engineers to work out (hahaha) the mechanics of how to convert and capture the energy that we expend while riding an exercise bike or an elliptical, but it's possible. I would guess that this really cool idea will not take off because most people don't want to fool around with the mechanics of the collection. Most will just as soon jump on the equipment and workout. I would consider this "working off" my energy consumption requirements. Shoot, if'n this could charge my cell phone or laptop, I'd be real close to zero emissions in no time. Of course I'd have to add a space in the Tiny House for an elliptical or spin bike to be used as a generator, but the additional space would be well worth the modification for self sufficiency.

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