Wednesday, December 1, 2010

After two years of eco-living, what works and what doesn't...

Susan Carpenter has written an very informative article titled, "After two years of eco-living, what works and what doesn't" for the Los Angles Times that has been picked up by a number of newspapers including the Advocate Messenger here in Danville, KY.  This article is very well written and is based on first hand experience providing clear results on some clever ideas for sustainable living.  I like this article for the clarity and perspective it brings to each of the items that have been addressed and I highly recommend reading this one.

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Kyle Hart said...

Great Article! Its nice to hear what has and has not worked for other people. I liked how she included what she spent and what her actual saving were. A lot of the time you see what you could potentially save.

I am glad to see that other people are willing to help mother earth a little bit with out worrying about making them pay for themselves in the short term.