Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gypsy Wagon on Tiny House Blog

George over at Paleotool Wordpress Blog has presented this finished product reflecting months of loving labor on his Gypsy Wagon as reported on the Tiny House Blog hosted by Kent Griswold.  George has been working on his Vardo Wagon and has completed this mini RV dream Tiny House that really captures the spirit of the Tiny House movement.  I've lifted this picture from George's web blog.
George has effectively stripped away all of the excess from a Tiny House to create a charming travel wagon to fit his specific needs.  I must admit that I have become captivated by this little beauty from the retro style of the exterior roof line to the  warmth of the interior paneling that makes this mini Tiny House so very enchanting.  You should look at George's baby.

The interesting aspect of living simply has been decanted down to a single statement that I read on another blog site this morning while visiting Simply Living as a Family.  Alex is the author of this post and I am quoting him here as he discusses the motivation for people to seek to live simply.

A great example is a woman I’m interviewing right now who has a husband and two kids. They live simply in a 1200 square foot apartment and are on the verge of having an amazing overseas family adventure for an entire year. All thanks to happily living below their means.

Alex's point of being on the cusp of a great adventure screamed at me because I believe that too many people become numb in their everyday lives.  We are pummeled into accepting the status quo of what may seem normal or standard.  However, it's that last statement that spoke the loudest to me because of this mindset of accepting what has been determined to be "normal."  "...happily living below their means."  THAT statement epitomizes the ideals or philosophy of the Tiny House movement and when I read that I experienced "a moment" of reality.  You know, like a V8 moment.  That OMG type of experience that asks, "Why am I doing this, that I'm doing, in the way I'm doing it."  I love those fresh moments of reality because they strike at random and seem to open my eyes to the world around me!  Thanks Alex for unwittingly shining the glaring light of the day into the darkness that can become a trap to ensnare our souls.  I like to continue to question the authority of what and why.  I hope that I can always stay on the edge.  After all, "Sometimes, just a little on the wild, a little on the edge can be good."

Hey, thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!

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Hi 2Coyotes. Thanks for the linkbut my name is not George Rice. Does it say that on Griswold's page? Can you change it to Paleotool or Crawford?