Monday, December 13, 2010

Miss Minimalist, my new favorite place

I just wanted to credit Miss Minimalist, Francine Jay with motivating me to begin my weight reduction program.  No, I'm not talking about losing body weight, but stuff.  I have begun the process of reducing my stuff.  I have started sorting things that have owned me for more than 50 years and managed to get rid of a few things that were basically junk but wouldn't leave me, alone.  I have secretly begun to dispose of junk and will be selling or giving away all of my excess.

Obviously this is going to be a protracted process because I didn't accumulate my "things" in a matter of months, but more like years.  However, I suspect that once my friends find out that I have decided to divest myself of many of my "things" I expect that I may have many volunteers that will be willing and ready to help relieve me of some of my "things."  I am contemplating a goal of getting rid of one thing per day.  A problem that I have is that I can't decide if I sell or give a book away if it counts as one thing or do I have to rid myself of all my excess books to have that count as one thing?  I choose to count each one since some may take longer to find a new owner/home for than others.

I'm pretty excited about this new aspect of my life so I will be tracking my progress.  I have almost a thousand books.  I also have lots of other things that I have squirreled away, "just in case."  Out with the old, and not in with the new.  This stuff has got to go so I can enjoy a smaller footprint in a more open uncluttered space.

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Zyno said...

I remember when we gave Grandma the Indian name "Savesalot" after watching Dances With Wolves. Sounds like you are following in her footsteps. It is so easy to do, accumulate items. I was just talking to Lonny today about how I have moved the same boxes from Moose Lake to Hinckley, to Finlayson, and now back to Hinckley. Some of these boxes I haven't even opened since I packed them. I can relate to the feeling the need to get rid of some junk. I have stopped buying those items that look cool at the store and you play with them for 5 minutes and then they assume the status of dust collector. It's a step at least. Good luck in your venture. :)