Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiny House News on Yahoo.com

BIG Big news posted over on Yahoo.com by the Associated Press that outlines the expanding interests in Tiny Houses and the people who are joining in the movement.  Although I don't really consider this a movement as much as a tiny hobby that seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Kent Griswold hosts the Tiny House Blog that I tried to read every day and Kent posted some exciting news about the every expanding news interest in the Tiny House phenomenon.  While many people find the allure of Tiny Houses enchanting, for many people the idea of a Tiny House is just too far out.  But that's just what makes America great.  Our diversity is part of our strength.  But I digress; if you read some of the over 2,000 comments from people who have read the article, you will notice an incredibly diverse spectrum of opinions.  Some people find a Tiny House a perfect living arrangement as a full time home, some dream of it as a weekend get-a-way, and some can't imagine it at all.  But it takes all kinds of ideas and dreams to make America great!  The best thing about this "movement" is that if you think it's a bunch of crap, you don't have to be bothered.  Just move on,...but if you are interested, there's lot of information available to help guide you in just about any direction.  From purchasing a full assembled completed ready to live in Tiny House to advice on how and where to find land to begin your own adventure into the wilderness of building your own Tiny House from scratch using recycled materials.  To each his or her own!

So, when it comes to dreams, it would seem that we have once again struck a nerve with some that can illicit the ire of resentment while others see the vision of opportunity.  Don't cha' just love this country!  Hey, thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!

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