Monday, November 29, 2010

The leftovers are gone

Thanksgiving has gone into the record books and the turkey hangovers are distant memories.  Most of the leftovers ended up in the cook pot for a fantastic turkey vegetable soup that warmed us all weekend as we ran in and out of the house working on winterizing projects.  We needed the extra boost received from the hot soup because Saturday's weather was less than friendly for being outside.
With Laura's help I reset the water tank for the livestock on Saturday and connected the feed lines on Sunday.  It would seem that everything we do becomes an opportunity to learn something new.  In this case, plumbing below ground is a cramped wet muddy sloppy mess.  But it only took me three tries to make a water tight connection and that job is done.  I'm feeling pretty good about that too since each one of these tasks are like a primer for learning about working on the Tiny House.

What did I learn from the water tank lesson you ask?  Well, working under ground pretty much sucks.  Especially if you taller than most people and you have to kneel down and reach into a hole to fix things because that causes muscle cramps in my back and legs.  But, we "got 'er done" and the animals are much happier for the clean fresh water.  The other thing that I learned is if we were going to have plumbing in the "HideAWay" Tiny House, it would be much easier to install because it would all be above ground.  That's a big bonus in my book.

Now we have to switch our focus back to inside projects because our Thanksgiving guests pointed out some other plumbing problems that had escaped our attention because they exist in the guest bathroom that Laura and I don't use very much bein's how we completed the nice new Master Bath closer to our bedroom.  It would seem that there are now end to plumbing problems that require maintenance and repair.  However, I don't believe that plumbing in general is a curse in and of itself, but rather the poor materials that were used on the construction of the home in which we find ourselves.  So, lesson number two?  Use the best materials that you can afford and install said materials in a professional and workmen like manner to ensure that you receive the benefits of a job well done.  That being, time off for doing it right the first time as opposed to having to redo sloppy work because you didn't do it right the first time so you gotta do it again!  I hate that!  Anyway,...before I get too far off on a tangent rant,...let's remember to always do your best in home construction or Tiny House construction; take your time, use the correct tool, and measure twice-cut once, even if you are re-cycling materials.

I should report that I missed the TinyHouseCon #4 on Saturday at 8:00pm because the video conferencing application that is being recommended is not supported in an Apple/Mac environment.  Oh well.  I could use Laura's computer (pc) but I always get in trouble for doing something bad, so I don't usually touch her machine these days.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest lunatic ravings.  Let's get out there and make it great day!

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