Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slowin' down

I don't know about y'all but I feel life slowing down for the holidays.  And that seems contradictory to what I have been expecting because usually it seems that we feel the pressure of the holidays pressing in on us and just want to run away and hide, like in a Tiny House.  (Maybe that's part of the allure of a "Hideaway" like a Tiny House?)

I have noticed that since we have changed the format for our Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations that things seem much more relaxed and I personally feel closer for the changes.  We have attempted to shift the crazy planning rush-rush of getting together to "come when you can-the food will be on the table at 2:00 pm" kind of planning.  Our children, all grown and married, are starting on their turn to rush about and attempt to meet the demands of coordinating visits to multiple locations between different sides of each family group and we thought to make things a little easier and less pressured.  We carried this same feeling over to Christmas with the hope of decompressing the shopping frenzy that seems to exasperate so many when we should be thinking of the blessings of family and togetherness.  We have agreed to authorize re-gifting and sharing personal hand made gifts or treasured items from our own lives.  Even poems or songs have been shared and exchanged and the feeling of family seems to be much more evident during the slower pace.  However, the grandchildren are now entering into the picture, and of course, Christmas is for children, so we may well feel some of the enhanced excitement again.  But that's part of the blessing of children/grandchildren too.  I have composed my shopping list for the grocery store and will be in the kitchen again this year.  (I love to cook.)  My daughter has volunteered to add some special creations to the Thanksgiving table this year and that will be an added treat!

Christmas dinner follows so closely on the heals of Thanksgiving that we sometimes feel "Turkeyed-Out" and we may well opt for Pizza at Christmas this year.  It's crazy, I know, but that's our house.  "Hey, sometimes a little crazy, a little on the edge can be good."  I hope your holiday plans are filled with exactly what you wish and that everyone close to you can feel the joys of family and love.  Those are the things for which I am thankful, they are the gifts that I treasure...

Thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make it a great day.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU, and I'm looking forward to these laid back holidays too!

Anonymous said...

Re: no Vsee on a mac,

Sorry I cannot check or try to do any troubleshooting for you, not having even access to a mac myself.

I hope you can still join by tinychat though. There should be no more of that annoying echo this time, with the precautions I posted in “read this if you are thinking of coming to virtualtinyhousecon #4″. I’ll be using earbuds.

I don't know if you saw the guide on how you are purportedly able to do it, from Vsee? http://vsee.com/files/vseemacparallelvmware.pdf I think Vmware is for pay software though, you could probably get a pirated version somewhere. A pain in the neck, though. I guess this sort of thing is just sort of part and parcel of macs, though.