Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Amazon sells "Pedophile's Guide"

OK, Oh boy, am I fired up!  Here's a link to a news article posted on MSNBC right now about selling a book titled: "The Pedophiles Guide to Love & Pleasure."  This kind of crap has got to stop and I suggest that we stop it right here, right now.  NO ONE BUY ANOTHER THING FROM AMAZON.COM until they stop marketing this kind of crap!

With this in mind, I remember a movie that was playing in theaters last year called The Box.  This story was about a magic box that had a button which, if pushed, would provide an individual with $1,000,000.00.  Problem was that if you pushed the button, someone else would DIE when you get your million dollars.  Oh, don't worry, it wasn't someone you knew.  But the problem was that, well, you should watch this movie to see the catch.

Bottom line: If we continue to accept this type of marketing by we are actually pushing the button on another box.  Don't let anyone have that kind of control on you.  Choose to defeat this type of marketing and not support the promotion of this kind of sick publication.  Just stop them by not buying anything from until they stop selling this type of crap!

UPDATE: As reported on MSNBC, as of November 11th, 2010 Amazon has removed the Pedophile's Guide from their site.  Thank you Amazon for this decision.  I hope you can move fully toward this responsible decision in all matters and items of similar disgusting value.

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E said...

why buy from amazon ever? support your local bookstores while you still have them.