Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Micro Hydro-Power Bucket

Yup, I have another post for today because this is simply too cool to let it go without showing you guys!  This project is a little expensive but you can build a back up power source for about $400.
I found this news on The Tiny Life blog where Ryan Mitchell has been sharing some really great stuff. Ryan lifted it from the Vancouver Hack Space and this video is just under three minutes but it looks pretty good.  Special thanks to Ryan and those people at the VHS.

As a side note, Ryan also has some great design ideas posted that enable someone to use all the space in your Tiny House.  Pretty creative.  I especially like the idea for the location of a tub, if'n I was going to have a tub that is.  Check it out!

Thanks again for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool!

E said...

Hydro-power may not be as free as you think - do you need a licence to use it in your watercourses?

Bill Zaspel said...

I would imagine using this on a temporary basis to charge a battery storage system. Personally, I am reluctant to invest in a storage system because of the weight as well as the maintenance. I guess I am lazy but I don't want to be foolin' around with a storage system and potential problems. I would prefer to charge my cell phone or laptop and then place a charging system like this into storage itself. Hey, maybe if I could simply use one deep cycle marine battery as a single battery storage system that could them be used to charge my cell phone as well as my laptop, then it might prove useful. The few LED lights that I might choose to use couldn't take much power. The reason I posted this article was the ingenuity of the contraption and the use of simple materials, except the converter/inverter, that make it attractive.