Monday, November 22, 2010

When scavenging, if you snooze, you lose...

and that's what happened to me this weekend.  I'd blame Silas, my grandson, but he's so little that it seems so very wrong to blame him.  Even if he could talk (he's only 15 months old an still learning verb conjugation and syntax; to talk) I'm not sure that placing blame on Silas would be credible since he wasn't driving (good thing) and he couldn't actually stop me from collecting a load of pallets that were available if I'da wanted to right then.  That's Silas with Chuck pictured in my post from yesterday.

You see, that's where I was snoozin' because Silas and I took a road trip to Lowe's for a fitting for the stock tank and while we were on our road trip, I swung into the parking lot where I have been collecting used pallets.  There were a lot of pallets stacked up there and it looked like about six of the monster sized pallets that I have been stripping for materials.  I reasoned that I could come back with the truck and collect them early Monday morning and score, big time.  However, someone else reasoned better than me and the entire stash had become someone's "score" before I returned.  Oh well, you snooze, you lose.  At least I can find consolation in the three that I have on hand that still need to be disassembled to add to my growing wood pile.

I attended the TinyHouseCon #3 hosted by Greg from Towards a better tiny house.  Actually, Greg and I were the only ones in attendance for about an hour or so.  We shared some ideas of how to get more people to participate but I think it's going to be a hard sell.  It would seem that most people are just not interested in gathering for an online conference to discuss Tiny Houses.  I am planning on joining Greg again on Saturday evening for TinyHouseCon #4 at 8:00 pm this coming Saturday and you're invited to stop by if'n you have any interests in Tiny Houses.

Hey, thanks to checking in here.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!  (Silas, you left your coat at my house, dude.  I'll hold onto it and you can get it on Thursday when you bring your mom & dad over for Turkey day.)

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