Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just tryin' to chill, Dude, even in a Tiny House...

So, I was rifling through my huntin' gear this morning because I couldn't find my compass and being lost in the woods in the dark with a unknown number of individuals all fully armed and stoked on caffeine and wanting to shoot something tends to make me nervous.  So,... I thought,... if'n I had my compass, at least I could minimize the probability of getting lost.  Or, maybe not.  But at least I could feel prepared to be lost.  In any case, I was trying to be prepared.  So, I felt better about myself, if not about those others guys and gals tottin' guns and bein' lost.

Then it occurred to me, in the Zen mind-set of professed by my fellow Dudeist brothers, that I should just chill.  You know, like the man says, "Some times you just gotta abide, man.  Just mellow out," as espoused on the web site for my brothers at the Church of the Dude.  And I just relaxed into the moment, as it were, and I was OK.

Oh, I did find my compass, and I have almost all of my gear ready for the hunting trip this weekend, just so you know, and you don't have to worry for me, about my being prepared.  Cause, maybe your were worrying right along with me, so don't.  I'm ready.  I even have extra batteries and such.  And you maybe wondering why did I even mention it here.  Well, I'll tell ya.  Because, even in my abiding, as I mellow in my chillin', I may prolly miss a post or two this week and weekend.  Or maybe not, as it were.  I will check out my pallet supply source person and see if I can score some more raw materials for framing the Tiny House.

Hey, thanks for stopping by.  Let's just all get out there and makes it a great day, and jus' chill, dudes and dudettes!

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."

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