Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ready for the next holiday

Thanksgiving still hung in the air like the smell of roasted Turkey and pumpkin pie and we turned our attention to the next family gathering. Black Friday settled with the thump of stuffed shopping bags retrieved from the local mall, I say local but the reality is about 50 miles off, and the mixed containers of Christmas decorations seemed to materialize from their hiding places. The stockings hung, jalapeno Garland draped, and the chrome tree assembled; Christmas was in full decoration, inside.

However, the hanging of the lights remain. Aarrrgggg! I like to make a bigger fuss than is justified but it is my contribution to the traditional ceremony of celebratory trimmings.

So, we're almost ready and it is appreciably cold enough to freeze my hands as I hang the outside decorations today. Happy Holidays everyone!

Let's get out there and freeze, er...ahem..., make it a great day!
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