Monday, January 3, 2011

Takin' things easier

Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life has posted a very relevant article about lessons learned from life.  The story is recounted from a nurse on another blog titled Inspiration and Chai where she tells of the regrets that many people have as they attempt to make peace in the last days of life.  It is a very interesting perspective on living, which is interesting because my first thought, based on the contents of the article, would be that it would be about dying.
But not so...I find this relative to the Tiny House/Minimalist ideals because of the specific reference made in paragraph two about not working so hard while focusing on re-prioritizing life goals.  I strongly recommend taking a few minutes on this one.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there, focus on the things that are most important in your life, and make it a great day!

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