Friday, January 14, 2011

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

I am an HUGE fan of this saying and have been working hard to keep it active in my life.  I have also been working to reduce my stuff as well as my carbon footprint and anything else in my life that I can effectively reduce.  So, when I read a post from my bloggy friend, Rachel, over at her Minimalist Mom blog about closing here Facebook account, I had to stop and reflect on that idea.
Actually, I have terminated my Facebook account at least three times in the past that I can remember.  I have managed to stay away for almost three months this last time.  I was sick of the expense in time required to just "keep up" with everyone and the drama that seems inherent to the social network scheme.   Some people just have no perception of boundaries or sense of propriety for what should be shared with the general public.  Sometimes, people just don't need to know everything about your life because, well, mostly, they just don't care to know, even if they don't have the courage to tell you they don't.

Anyway, I have been dragged, kicking and screaming, back to Facebook because it has proven an effective method for staying in touch with our children, now that we are officially "empty-nester's."   However, I have been forces to review my use of computer and the time required and I have included this blog in that review.
What I have been considering is that lack of feed back from almost all readers, if you're actually out there, and if the time I spend writing this inane dribble is worth my time at all?  I am considering terminating this blog because of the drain on my time.

I started out posting here because I intended to document the building of our Tiny House.  Well, it takes lots of materials to create a Tiny House and I don't see construction starting for the next few months at the earliest so I am forced to consider that I could wait to post when I have something specifically related to that construction project and stop spending so much time on topics that could be considered irrelevant and silly.

I don't normally post on the weekends so I will be watching to see if any of you comment about my pending decision.

Hey, thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!

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AB said...

WHAT?!?!? I hope you don't plan on stopping your blog, because I check/read it DAILY!!! Plus, it's a good for me to have some insight into that crazy mind of yours ;) I love you