Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Laundry Pod for use in a Tiny House

Here's a new idea that you might like.  The Laundry Pod.  I found this on Facebook because the Tiny House Blog posted it on their Facebook page.  It's a hand powered/man powered washing machine for washing tiny loads of laundry.  It's pretty cool for light use.
 I have to wonder how durable the unit would be in extended use like a Tiny House.  I can guess that lot's of people don't want to be bothered by the manual requirement of actually washing their own clothes, but this sure would be easier than beating them on a rock.  This unit is available for sale now, online only, for $99.95.  The other question I have is this: Why wouldn't I just hand wash my laundry in the sink?  I guess this may produce a cleaner garment with less mess and still not require any electricity as well as very little water.  I'd like to try this out!  You just gotta like the idea of saving resources.  I wonder how many calories I'd burn spinning this unit?  Maybe this could be part of my workout routine (combine two activities for more benefit)?  Just an idea...

Hey, gotta go,...thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!

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