Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raining, finally, and I'll try to be happy...

It's raining here, finally.  Most of my neighbors are happy because it seems we have not had any appreciable amount of rain for months.  The weather service reports that we are behind in annual rainfall and I know that this rain is vital for so many reasons, but I find it difficult to be happy about it.  I'll continue to try but I was planning on working outside until these showers hit.

I have been collecting pallets from a local company that offers them for free and I have been spending time in the driveway disassembling them for the oak lumber from which they are made.  Some of the 2" X 3" timbers are over twelve feet long and I am excited to have such good quality materials for constructing our cabin.  I have been pulling these pallets apart and removing most of the nails.  I have been stacking this lumber in our driveway and I plan to move this cache of wood to the barn while I continue to collect more as it becomes available.  It's slow work because these pallets don't want to give up their former life or those spiral cut nails so some of them end up left in the wood.  I was surprised to pull the heads off of many of these reluctant nails but I have still been able to remove most of them.

The weatherman is forecasting severe weather for this afternoon and evening so we will be loosing most if not all of the remaining leaves of the season.  I was hoping to get a picture of the area we have chosen for the cabin, but I may not be able to if the weather comes whuppin' in here like they say it will.  There won't be any outside work done tonight if that happens.

Well, I suppose we do need some rain and I'll jus' have to learn to accept it for the blessing that it is.  It'll give me a chance to practice my patience as a minister in the Church of the Dude.  We just need to chill and take a break from all this tension and take 'er easy for this evening.  Hey, thanks for stopping by.  Let's get out there and make it a great day!

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