Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh ya...

The clouds have cleared and it's gonna be a beautiful day.  I was able to ride my motorbike to work this morning and all is right with the world.  I should be able to finish stripping the last three pallets that I have in stock for disassembly and I'll be looking to my supplier for acquiring some more as soon as possible.

Great news about finding a construction part I was looking for to help with the foundation of the cabin.  I was reading another blog yesterday from Country Plans and found a reference to post & beam foundations that I first discovered at Coyote Cottage.  The part that I have been searching for is called an Elevated Post Base manufactured by Simpson and it allows you to incorporate a post & beam foundation that may include an adjustable leveling feature.  This may not seem like much but it sounds quite functional to me and I am pretty excited about this little idea.  This will allow us to create a solid foundation without the expense and equipment required to dig footers or mix concrete in an area where there is no power or water and we don't want to disturb the natural surroundings for this project.  I found the EPB44T at Lowe's in our area but you can find these things at other suppliers.  I borrowed the image below from the web site County Plans.
Little things like this can make building a deck or Tiny House quite a bit easier by minimizing the labor involved in foundation work.  Pretty cool idea, really.

Ultimately, I hope to use our cabin as a proof of concept build for a mobile Tiny House that we will put on an 18 foot trailer.

Hey, the sun is shinning and it's gonna be a great day.  Let's get out there and enjoy!

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