Saturday, January 28, 2012

Disgusted with AT&T and smart phones

Two years ago I bought a smart phone with plans of using the advanced technology to enable me to log onto the Internet using my Chromebook or laptop from anywhere that I wanted because I could employ tethering while creating a mobile WiFi hot spot.  Well, I have used this feature for almost two years with great satisfaction. On one occasion I managed to save the day, while at work, because AT&T lost a DSL transmitter in our area that severed service to portions of a five state area.  However, I could still provide a wireless connection point to many of my co-workers and we were able to complete our business transactions when many of the other businesses in our town were off line waiting for AT&T to repair the problem.

I have become very unhappy with AT&T while using my smart phone.  I have received an email from AT&T stating that they can tell that my data rates are in the top 5% of their client usage.  Therefore, as stated in my contract, they are requiring that I subscribe to a DataPro tethering plan for $50/month, or cease use of the tethering feature of my phone/computer.

This type of strong arm business tactics infuriates me and I've checked around for the rates of competitive wireless service providers.  My research shows that the rates are the same or nearly the same and don't warrant a switch of service.  Therefore, I have terminated my "unlimited" data plan with AT&T and turned my smart phone off.  I have activated my phone number on a handset that is two generations old version of wireless telephones that we have saved as backup equipment.  My old reliable Sony Ericsson W580i phone includes an FM radio receiver that will replace my IheartRadio app from my smart phone and I will be reduced to carrying a regular book if I want to read anything.  My W580i phone still holds all of my music, transferred from iTunes, and I can listen to my personal music collection from my phone.

I plan to upgrade my old Sony Ericsson from the W580i candy bar configuration to the W518i flip phone because I like the clam shell design of a flip phone better.  It's pretty tough to find a flip phone these days.  I guess it's because the equipment manufacturers have decided to reduce this configuration in their product lines. Funny thing is that both of the phones that are my "favorite" or first choice have already been discontinued.  Seems that there is some harmony to the fact that I've decided to quit using a smart phone, to be replaced by a discontinued phone.  Makes me smile.  No more data charges for me...thanks AT&T.  Anyone care to join me?

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