Saturday, November 24, 2012

Coolest New Equipment Announcement you need to know about

This is something big, in a small package!  I just heard about this from my wife who saw it on a news program yesterday.  The newest old technology married to new technology to create a super efficient camp stove that serves hot water in just over four minutes and can charge your cell phone or other USB devices.  How cool is that!  Look at the BioLite stove!

I have shamelessly lifted this image from their web site for you.  This little beauty sells for $129 on the BioLite web site and they have a home model, not yet available for sale, that is being developed and distributed in third world nations where over 3 billion people are cooking on open fires and suffering from the effects of smoke as well as the inefficiencies of wasted fuel, etc.

The ordering process is very long because these things have proven so very popular, but I want one!

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